Border Patrol

Border Patrol stories from The Liberty Wire are news stories that cover important news and updates impacting border control and immigration issues. Whether it’s news about the border wall, human trafficking concerns, or issues regarding homeland security, we’ll be keeping our finger on the pulse of the border.

Our team is concerned about national security, just like you. Check our Border Patrol category for regular updates regarding the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Pence Pummels Trump In Stunningly Unprecedented Attack

Former Vice President Mike Pence apparently wanted to make massive headlines during a recent speech in Iowa, a key battleground state during the primary...

Dem Senators Derail Deranged Student Debt “Forgiveness” Plot

Cue the snowflake stampede, coupled with endless protests! Remember Biden’s absurd promise to forgive hundreds of billions in student debt, shortly before the 2022 midterm...

White House Linked To Threats Against Whistleblower’s Life

Looks like the Biden clan is like the Clinton cadre in more ways than one. Namely by leaving people fearing for their lives, as recently...