Border Patrol

Border Patrol stories from The Liberty Wire are news stories that cover important news and updates impacting border control and immigration issues. Whether it’s news about the border wall, human trafficking concerns, or issues regarding homeland security, we’ll be keeping our finger on the pulse of the border.

Our team is concerned about national security, just like you. Check our Border Patrol category for regular updates regarding the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Zelensky Calls For The United States To “Shoot Down” Russian Aircraft

While Zelensky has long been goading NATO into direct conflict with Russia, he really pulled out the stops recently, chiefly by demanding the same...

Biden Loses Hundreds Of Thousands Of Votes To “Uncommitted” Militants

Looks like anti-American “Squad” has won, once again. Indeed, pro-Hamas “Representative” Rashida Tlaib, who appears to only represent terrorism, bragged weeks ago about casting her...

Woke State Governor Wallops Taxpayers With “Rent Subsidies” For Illegals

Leave it to Dems to outdo one another in terms of all the freebies they like to hand out to illegals. Indeed, Housing Subcommittee Republican...