Border Patrol

Border Patrol stories from The Liberty Wire are news stories that cover important news and updates impacting border control and immigration issues. Whether it’s news about the border wall, human trafficking concerns, or issues regarding homeland security, we’ll be keeping our finger on the pulse of the border.

Our team is concerned about national security, just like you. Check our Border Patrol category for regular updates regarding the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Biden Uses Strange Negotiation Tactic In High Profile “Ceasefire”

Biden just engaged in one of the strangest moves a world leader has taken in public yet. Given the strangeness of many world leaders, that’s...

Russia Warns Of “Inevitable” War With West After “Napoleon” Threat

Way to go, Macron … Way to enrage an already enraged Putin. … And way to draw rather inopportune Napoleon comparisons as well. The President of...

Gen Z Scammer Makes Multiple Millions From Illegal Immigration

When it comes to illegal migration, the tone is indeed set from the top. And look at the type of tone being set – Open...